The shape of roses                                                                      The norm of things

Who we are

It is never a short story: meeting itself, sniffing itself, choosing to go along a road together, without anyone who is not interested in that path.

Marco Filatori and Marcello Ferrero, principal actors, to which, in liquid or gaseous form, have joined Max, Fabio, Ale, Rastamax, Claudio Elazar, Erman Oxa, Giovanni Cannata, Marco Rossi, Fulvio Santarpia and Giambattista Anastasio. In order of time, from the most remote to today.

What do we do

Unpublished Italian music. We do not play covers - if not occasionally and carefully chosen - we are not tribute bands, and we cross everything we have heard over the years. So a bit of pop, funky, jazz, folk, rock, reggae, ska, Africa. So we do not raise walls and our ports are always open and that means to be out of fashion, nowadays

Where we are

We are in Milan, Italy. Or rather, Milan is the city we live in. And we are resident at the " Nuovo Teatro Ariberto", NTA , in Milan, Daniele Crespi street, 9, as well as the Company "Teatro del Battito" which we worked with.

We play a piece called "Cagna Milano". And we love Milan.

What we want

We wish to play our music  as much as possible, but not at any cost. It means  we think that our music is a quality music and we would like to be enhanced, by a suitable place, by an adequate and respectful public, by contexts in which what prevails is  knowledge and musical culture

Future present

In September we will publish the first cd. And a new video clip will be released on the piece titled "Cagna Milano". And we will promote it, staunchly.